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The Messengers control is just like the Messenger component (available in Static Layout Editor view), except instead of placing icons for social messengers such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and Viber, this control places only the messenger contact data on the form, sans the icons.

If messenger integrations have been configured for your contact center, the control will link to a saved messenger contact via the data field array Contact.messengers. Messenger integrations are configured in the Contact Center Administrator application, section Integration Accounts.

Field Properties

This component has just two properties: Data Field and Orientation. Only the Orientation property can be edited.

Messenger field properties

Data Field

The data field is a variable that gets and fills in messenger contact data on the form. For this control, the Data field is automatically set to $(Contact.messengers).


This property allows you to display the messenger contacts either horizontally or vertically on the form.

Messenger Orientation property
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