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Form Builder Overview

Bright Pattern Contact Center supports the creation of service-specific web forms that can be used to facilitate interaction handling. If a form is defined for a particular service, it will be displayed by the Agent Desktop application when a corresponding interaction is distributed to the agent. Activity forms can be pre-filled with data from third-party databases (via scenarios) and from calling lists.

Forms associated with outbound campaigns also can be used for new data entry during active interaction handling and/or after-call work (ACW). Filled-out forms can be transferred between agents working on the same interactions. The data collected via editable forms can be stored as part of the campaign results and is available for offline processing.

Note that editable forms are currently supported for services of Outbound Voice and Blended Voice types only. For all other types of services, static forms can be used (i.e., forms without any editable fields).

Forms are designed and edited in the application called Form Builder. This application is launched from the Contact Center Administrator application. For more information, see section Activity Forms of the Bright Pattern Contact Center Administrator Guide.

User Interface

The Form Builder application provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to place various user interface (UI) elements to desired locations on a page and edit their properties, thus building your form. A form can incorporate various types of UI elements, such as static text, data fields, and pictures.

When creating or editing forms, Form Builder is shown in two different views: Dynamic Layout Editor and Static Layout Editor. The Form Builder Reference Guide describes both the Dynamic Layout Editor and Static Layout Editor views, as well as the forms and types of controls available for each.

Dynamic Layout Editor

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.x brings a new GUI view called Dynamic Layout Editor to the Form Builder application. The Dynamic Layout Editor view enables the creation of new forms with flexible, dynamic layouts. In this view, columns, rows, and fields are easily resized and positioned on the form. Dynamic Layout Editor brings additional form controls, field properties, preview modes, and page thumbnails for multi-page forms. Note that Form Builder's Dynamic Layout Editor view is used to create new forms only.

Creating a new form

Static Layout Editor

Imported forms that were created in Bright Pattern Contact Center version 3.x can be edited in Form Builder; however, such forms will be shown in the Form Builder version 3.x GUI known as Static Layout Editor view. In this view, the sizes of form elements must be specified in pixels, and the controls and other form elements remain in a fixed position on the form canvas. Note that Form Builder's Static Layout Editor view is used to edit existing version 3.x forms only.

Editing an existing form

The subsequent sections of this guide describe how to work with specific form controls within both Form Builder Views. The controls are listed in alphabetical order in the All Form Controls section of this guide.

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