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Loxysoft WFM

Integration with the Loxysoft WFM application provides a number of automatically generated reports for workforce scheduling and real-time monitoring of agents’ adherence to work schedules. Setup of the WFM integration account is only necessary if you plan to use WFM for real-time adherence monitoring.

Note that you can only have one WFM integration account in your contact center.

Loxysoft WFM integration account properties


The properties of Loxysoft type integration are as follows.


Name is the name of the integration account.

Periodic update interval

Periodic update interval is the period (in seconds) with which real-time metrics will be updated; the default interval is 10 seconds.


The URL field is the unique URL field of your Loxysoft account and the place where the call flow data is submitted to.


This is the authorization token for your Loxysoft account.

Test connection

This button tests the credentials and confirms whether the connection is valid.

Skills Mapping

This box allows you to map service names to corresponding Loxysoft codes.

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