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Keyboard Shortcuts

A number of keyboard shortcuts are available to help streamline your workflow within the Agent Desktop application. A list of these keyboard shortcuts is available in Agent Desktop in Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts are found in Agent Desktop Settings

List of Keyboard Shortcuts

The table shown gives the key stroke and description for each keyboard shortcut.

Key Strokes Description
Ctrl + F4 Logout from AgentDesktop
F6 Set focus on disposition selector
F8 Open state selector menu
F9 Set agent state to "Ready"
F10 Open Settings menu
Alt + 0 Select "Non-call cases" item in AIL
Alt + 1...9 Select interaction in Active Interaction List (AIL)
Alt + Shift + 1...9 Insert a number from Favorites into the number input field
Alt + A Answer alerting interaction
Alt + F Add to Favorites
Alt + Shift + F Remove from Favorites
Alt + Shift + B Blind transfer
Alt + C Set focus on chat input text field
Alt + K Set focus on chat messages
Alt + M Flag the interaction
Alt + Shift + M Unflag the interaction
Alt + N Set focus on number input field
Alt + P Open pre-recorded messages menu
Alt + Q Terminate the current interaction
Alt + S Open directory tab, set focus on search input box
Alt + Shift + S Initiate SMS conversation
Alt + X Mute the microphone
Alt + Shift + X Unmute the microphone
Alt + Z Hold/retrieve the current interaction
Alt + Arrow right / Arrow left Select next and previous interaction in AIL
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