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How to Place a Call in a Service Queue

Sometimes you may have to transfer a service call to a queue. This may be necessary, for example, if the caller has mistakenly selected a wrong service option during the interactive voice response (IVR) phase of the call, and you need to redirect his call to the team that can better help with his service request. Transfers of calls to service queues are called blind or single-step transfers because they do not involve consultation calls.

Blind Transfer

To make a blind transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired queue from the Directory or enter its number in the Number Input Field.
  2. Click the Blind button Blind-Button-50.png.

Upon completion of a blind transfer, the call will be placed in the selected service queue and you will be disconnected from this call. The call will disappear from your Active Communications List, and your state will change from Busy to Ready.

Transfer to a service queue

Note: Blind transfers to specific agent’s extensions are also possible and can be used, for example, when the caller prefers to speak to a particular person and does not mind leaving a voicemail message if that person happens to be unavailable to take his call.
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