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How to Print an Email

A single-click control allows you to open, view, and print original email content in a pop-out tab or window of your web browser. The original email content can be printed using the "Print" option of the web browser itself.

To print email content, follow these steps:

  1. In either your Team Queue or Personal Queue, open the desired email by selecting it or double-clicking it in the list.

    Select the desired email to print

  2. Mouse over the subject line of the email message. Doing so causes additional email control options appear.

    Mouse over the email's subject line

  3. Click the Show original email content Show-Original-Email-Button-50.png button. The email message will open in a new browser tab or window, depending on your browser settings.

    Email content in a separate browser window

  4. Hit Ctrl + P (Windows) or Command + P (Mac) to print the page.

    Print from your web browser
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