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Mobile Voice

As mentioned in the Mobile Chat section, you may be able to make calls to mobile customers with whom you already have active chat sessions. Your chat session will continue in parallel with the call forming a multimedia interaction consisting of a voice and a chat components.

Note: Depending on your service configuration, the system may start dialing your mobile customers automatically as soon as you accept their chat requests. This usually indicates that the customers use their mobile applications to request voice contact as opposed to chat. Your system administrator will advise you whether you should expect any such automatic calls or you would only call your customers manually. In either case, once the mobile voice contact is made, its further handling will be no different from handling of any regular voice call. See section Handling Calls for details.

The chat component is the primary component of such interactions, which means the following:

  • As long as you have an active chat session with your mobile customer, you can make repeated calls to this customer as necessary.
  • All such calls will be associated with the service identified for the original chat interaction.
  • In order to finish a multimedia interaction, you will have to release the call first and then disconnect the chat.
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