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Connect Call

The Connect Call scenario block connects a call to the destination specified in the $(destination) variable (typically, the extension of the agent found by the preceding Find Agent block). If the destination extension has an agent logged in, the system tracks the agent’s state according to the state of the call. The block handles call transfers and conferences internally and only ends when the remote party disconnects or the last agent on the call disconnects.

Scenario Builder Connect Call scenario block

If a Find Agent block was executed prior to a Connect Call block, then the queue treatment started by that Find Agent block continues until the specified destination answers the call. If a Service Announcement prompt (whisper) is specified for a Connect Call block, the ring back tone or music on hold is played to the caller while the service announcement is played to destination party. The caller will not hear the announcement.

For external destinations, Caller IDs are set according to the configuration of the corresponding dial-out entries.

Conditional Exits

The Connect Call block may take one of the following conditional exits: No Answer, Busy, Target Disconnected, or Transfer Failed.

No Answer

The destination phone rings but no one answers within the No Answer Timeout. This also includes other types of call failures (except for Busy).


The destination phone is busy (SIP 486) or the call is rejected by an agent.

Target Disconnected

The call was answered by the target side and eventually normally terminated from target side. The current interaction step is completed and a new interaction step is created. This could be used for surveys when the agent hangs up first and survey flow starts from this conditional exit.

Transfer Failed

This is a failure branch for failed agent transfers.


The Connect Call block can play any of the following prompts for the caller.

Custom Hold Music

Custom Hold Music is the prompt that the scenario plays when the caller is on hold. The prompt is always played from the beginning. The prompt is optional; if present, it will override the default Hold and queue music treatment set at the contact center level.

Notification Prompt

Notification Prompt is the optional prompt that the scenario plays when a supervisor begins monitoring. The prompt can be made audible to the agent and the remote party, according to block’s parameters, and is a short ding by default.

Service Announcement

Service Announcement is the optional prompt the scenario plays to inform the agent to which service an incoming call pertains or to play a beep as notification.

Custom ringback

Custom ringback is the prompt that will be played back to the caller instead of a standard ring-back tone. If the Keep playing hold music while ringing on agent option is selected in the preceding Find Agent block, the Custom ringback prompt will not be played even if specified. Instead, the queue music will be played up to the moment of answer.

Repeated answer-side prompt

This prompt is used for transfers of service calls to other call centers to announce the call information when the transferred call is answered by the remote agent (e.g., This a call is from [name], please press [confirm answer button] to connect).

When the remote agent presses the confirm answer button, a call with the original calling party is established.


Title text

Title text is the name of the instance of the block. Enter a name in the text field and click the Update button at the bottom of the Edit pane. The new name of the block appears in the flowchart.

Default Destination

Default Destination is the default phone number to which the call connects if variable $(destination) is empty.

Override Destination

This is the phone number to which the call connects. If this field has a value, the scenario ignores the destination variable. Use this field only if you want to override the destination variable.

Mark all calls connected by this block as overflow calls

If this checkbox is selected, all calls connected via this block will be marked for reporting purposes as calls made to overflow destinations.

Override calling party name with

This setting enables you to override the configured Caller ID name in the outbound call.

No Answer Timeout

No Answer Timeout is the number of seconds that the scenario waits for a destination to answer the call before executing the No Answer conditional exit. The default is 10 seconds.

Auto-answer call in

This is the number of seconds that the scenario waits before the call is auto-answered. If you do not use auto-answer, leave this field empty.

This function will work for agents who use softphones. Support for this function in hardphones depends on a particular hardphone model.

Escape button for customer to hang up the agent

This escape button is the button that the caller can press to stop a conversation with this agent. Unlike when it is released, the scenario will continue and can further process the call.

Monitoring Notifications

This setting determines whether the Notification Prompt will be played to either the agent or the caller (or both) when monitoring of this call is started.

To advise the remote party about call monitoring, select the Notify Caller checkbox. To advise the agent, select the Notify Agent checkbox.

Notification Prompt

You can select a prompt that has already been created by your contact center administrator.

Selecting the Record Call checkbox will indicate to the scenario that the call will be recorded. The recording starts when the call is answered and stops when it is released.

Custom hold music

Select a prompt from the list or to create your own custom prompt.

Service announcement

Select a prompt from the list or to create your own custom announcement prompt.

number of plays

This represents the number of times that the Service Announcement prompt, if used, will be played to the agent.

stop announcement button

This button is the button that the agent can use to interrupt playback of the service announcement prompt.

Custom ringback

Select a prompt from the list or to create your own custom ringback prompt (i.e., what you will hear when you are called back).

Repeated answer-side prompt

Select a prompt from the list or to create your own custom prompt when connecting to an external destination.

Confirm answer button

The Confirm answer button is what the agents of remote contact centers will press to pick up service calls forwarded to them from your contact center after hearing the Repeated answer-side prompt.

Drop connection if no answer in

This represents the number of minutes that the scenario will wait for the remote contact center to pick up the call before executing the No Answer conditional exit for this call. It starts from the moment that the remote agent answers.

Scenario Builder Connect Call scenario block settings

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