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Play Prompt

The Play Prompt scenario block plays a voice or music prompt. This building block is also useful for reporting an error or the outcome of an operation for testing purposes. For scenarios in which input from the caller is expected in response to a prompt, use the Menu and Collect Digits blocks.

Play Prompt scenario block


With the Play Prompt block, Prompt to play is the prompt that the scenario will play to the caller. Click select to select (or create) the prompt that this block will play. Prompts already defined for this scenario will appear in a new dialog window. Select the desired prompt and click Select. To create a new prompt, click the Add new button.

Note: Some service configuration changes that affect agent behavior are not picked up dynamically by Agent Desktop. Thus, after making a change to voice prompts, we recommend that all affected logged-in agents refresh their browser page.


Allow interrupting prompt by phone button

Select this checkbox to allow callers to interrupt the prompt by pressing a phone key.

Re-use digit from interrupting button in the next block

Select this checkbox if the digit(s) entered by the user should be preserved for potential use in the scenario block that immediately follows this one. If the next block is Menu or Collect Digits, its initial prompt will be interrupted immediately and the preserved digit(s) will be used as input. If the next block is another Play Prompt block, its prompt will be skipped altogether as long as the option Allow interrupting prompt by phone button is selected in that block.

Exit immediately and continue playing prompt in background

Select this checkbox to exit the block immediately and proceed with normal scenario execution while the prompt playback continues in the background until one of the following occurs:

  1. Termination of the call by the listening party
  2. Execution of the Exit block
  3. Execution of the Stop Prompt block
  4. Execution of any other scenario block containing a voice prompt. Note one exception to this fourth action: if another Play Prompt block is executed with this option unchecked, the requested prompt will be played once, and the playback of the original continuous prompt will resume.

Scenario Builder Play Prompt scenario block settings

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