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How to Use Pinned Cases to Send a Follow-up Outbound Email

Depending on the type of service you provide, a single reply may not always be sufficient to fulfill the customer request. For example, the initial reply may simply inform the customer that the request has been received and advise the customer of the estimated processing time, while the actual request fulfillment will be communicated via one or more follow-up emails. Such follow-up emails are placed in Pinned Cases.

Pinned Cases is a section of My Cases that contains cases that have been marked for follow-up. A case is marked for follow-up when the agent sets a non-final disposition and when the agent clicks the pin button Pin-Case-Icon-5x.PNG within the email preview or the opened email.

Pinned Cases tab as seen from My Cases

Because the pin button is available in both Preview mode and Opened Email mode, it is possible to pin cases without taking the email item from a queue. Note: Only emails that do not have a final disposition can be pinned. For more information on dispositions, see section Dispositions and Notes.

Viewing Pinned Cases

All cases marked for follow-up are listed in My Cases > Pinned Cases, which is located at the top of Agent Desktop.

Pinned cases appear in Pinned Cases

Enabling Pinned Cases

To view the Pinned Cases section in the Active Conversations List as well as to view the pin button, the Enable Email Follow-up section personal setting must be checked in Settings. From the Settings menu, select Preferences.

Settings > Preferences

In Preferences, select the checkbox for Enable Email Follow-up section.

Select this checkbox to enable email to appear in Pinned Cases

When checked, both the Pinned Cases section and pin button are shown. If you do not wish to view Pinned Cases, uncheck the box.

Using Pinned Cases

The Pinned Cases queue shows the properties (i.e., name, subject line, etc.) of the first received email. To view the email message body, select/click an email item in the queue. The email message will appear for viewing only.

To reply to a pinned email, either double-click the email item or click the Open button at the bottom. The email message will appear as a draft. Note that the pin button is visible only if the email has been marked with a non-final disposition. For more information on sending replies, refer to section How to Compose a Reply.

Drafting a reply

If multiple agents pin the same email, it will appear in the Pinned Cases section of all the agents who pinned it. When a final disposition is selected by one agent, the email becomes unpinned and disappears from the Pinned Cases section of all agents who pinned it.

Note: Pinned emails can also be sent by navigating to Cases in the Active Conversations List. For more information, see section How to Use Cases to Send a Follow-up Outbound Email.

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