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How to Have an Audio Chat

During an active chat session, both you and your customers have the ability to initiate VoIP calls (i.e., audio only), allowing you to easily switch between chat and voice. Note: In order to have audio-only calls via chat, this setting must be enabled by your contact center administrator.

To initiate an audio chat with your customer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the headset icon Chat-Widget-VoIP-Button-52.PNG, located in your Active Communications List (ACL).
  2. If your customer wants to initiate an audio chat, they may click the call Chat-Widget-Call-Button-52.PNG button. Note: The background color of the button your customers see will vary depending on how your chat widget is configured.
  3. To end an audio chat, click on the telephone icon Chat-Widget-End-Call-Button-52.PNG. For customers, they may click the end call Chat-Widget-End-Call-Button-1-52.png button.

Customers may have video and audio options available at the same time

Switching from Audio-Only to Video Chat

If both VoIP and video chat are enabled, you may switch between, chat, audio, and video during an active chat session. Note: Video chat must always start as an audio-only chat, with the option to upgrade to video.

To intiate a video chat, follow these steps:

  1. Click the headset icon Chat-Widget-VoIP-Button-52.PNG
  2. Next, click on the video on Chat-Widget-Video-ON-Button-52.PNG button
  3. For customers, initiating a video chat happens at the same time as initiating an audio chat (i.e., they click the call Chat-Widget-Call-Button-52.PNG button). A customer's video will be visible as soon as the agent clicks the headset icon Chat-Widget-VoIP-Button-52.PNG.

For more information on how video chat works, see How to Have a Video Chat.

Audio-only chat as seen by the customer

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