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Delete Internal Record

The Delete Internal Record block deletes CRM objects, specifically cases and contacts.

Delete Internal Record workflow block

Conditional Exits

The Delete Internal Record block may take one of the following conditional exits: Failed or No Data.


The Failed conditional exit if the attempt to delete the record has failed.

No Data

The block may take the No Data conditional exit if no internal record data is available.

Delete Internal Record conditional exits


Title Text

Title Text is the name of the instance of the block. Enter a name in the text field and the new name of the block will appear in the flowchart.

Object Type

The Object Type drop-down menu allows you to select either Case or Contact

Object ID

Object ID is the variable of the object type that will be deleted. E.g., $(item.case_id) will delete case ID.


This checkbox allows all instances of the deleted object type to be removed from the system.

Delete Internal Record settings

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