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General Information About Quality Management

In contact centers, quality management usually refers to the assessment of the quality of agent work via reviewing the available call and screen recordings, chat transcripts, and email messages. In Bright Pattern Contact Center, the results of such reviews can be expressed using a number of customizable grading categories, such as politeness and knowledge.

In this Reporting Reference Guide, Quality Management sections Call Recordings, Chat Transcripts, Email Messages, and Screen Recordings relate to the data provided in the Interaction Records Search Results.

How to Review Call Recordings, Chat Transcripts, and Email

To review call recordings, chat transcripts, or email messages, first select the desired interactions as described in section Interaction Records Search. The search conditions depend on your quality management practices. For example, if quality monitoring is based on random checks of agent recordings or transcripts, it is usually sufficient to define the agent’s username and the desired time frame as your search conditions. If, on the other hand, you follow-up on a specific customer complaint, your search conditions may contain the customer’s phone number, service name, and time frame.

When all desired search conditions are specified, click the Search button. The Search Results page will open with the list of interaction records matching your search criteria. If a particular interaction has been previously reviewed and rated, the user name will appear in the Reviewed by column.

The Search Results page displays all interaction information

Recording Availability

For phone calls, the availability of a recording for a particular call will be indicated by the audio icon Reporting-reference-guide-image9.png in the Recording column. The percentage of recorded calls is specified in your contact center configuration and can be redefined for each service and each individual agent separately. If not all calls in your contact center are recorded, you can use filter has recording to limit your search results to call records that actually have recordings.

For chat interactions, the availability of a chat transcript is indicated by the messaging icon Reporting-reference-guide-image10.JPG in the Recording column. Bright Pattern Contact Center unconditionally records transcripts for all chat service interactions and stores them for the same amount of time as the corresponding interaction records themselves. Therefore, you do not need to use any special filters to get access to chat interactions with transcripts.
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