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Agent Login/Logout Report

The Agent Login/Logout report provides information related to agent login and logout of the Agent Desktop application. This report includes metrics such as agent name, the time of login/logout, whether the agent logged out normally or by timeout, the time spent logged in, the amount of time spent working or "Not Ready", and so forth.

The Agent Login/Logout report shows login/logout times, duration, and more

Metric Descriptions

The metrics of this report are organized into columns, which are described as follows.


The first and last name of the agent.


The start time of the session (e.g., "09:04" for "9:04 a.m.").


The end time of the session (e.g., "09:39" for "9:39 a.m.").

Logout Type

Type of logout:

  • normal - Agent logged out normally
  • timeout - Agent was logged out by timeout due to loss of the Internet connection
  • supervisor - Logout was forced by a supervisor
  • system - Logout was forced from the system side (e.g., agent's account was deleted from configuration or disabled)

Screen Recording

Indication of whether this session was recorded.

Login Time

Duration of the session in hours:minutes:seconds (e.g., "00:33:16"). The total Login Time (given in bold) includes the total time that the agent was logged in for all sessions on the given date.

Total Working Time

The total time that the agent had a status other than "Not Ready" during the session, in hours:minutes:seconds (e.g., "00:03:43"). The Total Working Time (given in bold) includes the total working time for the agent for all sessions on the given date.

Not Ready %

The percentage of total time when the agent was in the "Not Ready" state during the session (e.g., "2%"). The total percentage (given in bold) is the average amount of time spent in the "Not Ready" state across all of the agent's sessions on the given date.

IP Address

The IP address of the Agent Desktop connection at the time of agent authentication.

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