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Telemarketing Compliance Report

Applicable to predictive and progressive campaigns, the Telemarketing Compliance focuses on calls that were answered by called parties and not connected to the agent within the unattended call timeout.

Note: The FCC refers to these calls as "abandoned calls" and limits the number of such calls within the campaign relative to the total calls answered. The related metric is called Abandonment Rate. In Bright Pattern terminology, such calls are referred to as unattended and the related ratio is called Unattended %. This is done in order to avoid confusion with the traditional use of abandoned in the contact center industry, where it is normally reserved for calls terminated by customers before being connected to an agent.

The Telemarketing Compliance report shows calls that were answered but timed out in predictive and progressive campaigns

Metric Descriptions

The metrics of this report are organized into columns, which are described as follows in the order in which they appear in the report.

Calls Answered

Calls Answered provides the number of campaign calls that were answered by called parties.

Calls Unattended

Calls Unattended provides the number of campaign calls that were answered by called parties and subsequently either diverted to an IVR at any time, or dropped at any time, or connected to an agent with time exceeding the unattended call timeout.

Unattended %

Unattended % is the percentage of Calls Unattended relative to Calls Answered.

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