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Bright Pattern Contact Center Documentation

Welcome to Bright Pattern!

Bright Pattern helps brands create effortless customer experiences. Cloud-first and omnichannel by design, our software makes it easy to create continuous conversations with customers on voice, email, chat, video, SMS, and social messengers with integrated AI and bots. Explore our tools for automation, reporting, quality management, and workforce management to help increase agent productivity and engagement.

Get familiar with Bright Pattern omnichannel cloud contact center software and explore all features of our applications:

  • Agent Desktop for real-time customer interactions
  • Contact Center Administrator for contact center configuration
  • Service Provider for system management

How to Use Our Docs

Bright Pattern documentation is organized by product version number and role (i.e., partner, system administrator, supervisor, agent).

You can use the Search box to find specific topics, or click the following links to browse docs according to your contact center role. When searching or browsing, it is important to know which software version you are using, as the features included in each version may differ.

The two major versions of Bright Pattern Contact Center are Release Version 5 and Release Version 3. You can jump to the documentation for the latest release versions using the following links.

For Agents

Agent Docs are for contact center agents learning about Agent Desktop.

For Supervisors

Supervisor Docs are for users assigned to supervise teams of agents.

For Administrators

Administrator Docs are for admins responsible for the configuration and management of their contact center.

Version 3.x Documentation

Click here for Bright Pattern Contact Center version 3.x documentation.

For Partners

Partner Docs are for partners learning about system installation, configuration, and service management.

Note that Partner Docs are available with special access. Version 5 Partner Docs are available upon login (see the User button Helpsite-Login-52.PNG at the top of this page).

Version 3 Partner Docs are available on the Partners Portal with permission.


We're happy to help with any questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact Customer Success Management, or connect with us via the Contact Us page. You can also post comments to documentation articles.