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Teleopti WFM Integration

Integration with the Teleopti WFM (workforce management) application makes it possible to send real-time agent state data to Teleopti for schedule adherence monitoring via API.

The Teleopti WFM integration account connects Bright Pattern Contact Center to Teleopti WFM using Teleopti-provided authentication credentials like URL and auth key.

For this integration, note the following:

  • The feed will provide full updates of all agents every 15 minutes.
  • The feed will provide periodic updates at the configured Periodic update interval of agents who have changed their states.
  • Updated agent data will include the user’s unique ID and their state at the time of the update.
  • The feed includes the following agent states:
    • Ready
    • Busy
    • After Call Work
    • Not Ready (or configured/system Not Ready reason)
    • Logged Out

Teleopti WFM Integration Account Properties

The parameters that must be configured on the Bright Pattern side to enable the real-time data feed are described as follows.

Teleoptic WFM Integration Account Properties


The name of the integration account.

Periodic Update Interval

The period (in seconds) in which real-time metrics will be updated.


The URL for the real-time feed, which is provided by the Teleopti application administrator.

Source ID

Source ID (string, 50 character max.) identifies your contact center and is received from the Teleopti application administrator.

Auth Key

The authentication key (string) that is provided by the Teleopti application administrator.

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