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Identification settings define how customer interactions (i.e., calls, SMS/texts, mobile, etc.) are handled by your system, how contacts are identified, and how contact information is created and stored for all the interactions that you have.

When identification settings are enabled, agents have immediate access to both new and continuing customer information; this allows interactions to progress quickly and smoothly.

Configuration > Identification

The Identification Process

When a call, SMS, or mobile request arrives at your contact center, the component responsible for the request (i.e., SIP Server, SMS Server, Chat Server, Mobile API, Scenario, etc.) communicates with the Interaction server to initiate the Identification process.

The Identification server creates and keeps a Current Contact Object (CC Object) accessible during the entire interaction and even for some time after the interaction ends (typically 10 minutes for calls, and 12 hours for SMS/chat), depending on how your Identification settings are defined. A Current Contact signifies that an active conversation is happening right now. The Current Contact could be used to associate other interactions (e.g., other media or redialing after a call is dropped) into the original interaction. All other components of the system have access to the CC Object, and those components can change, update, or retrieve information from the CC object if needed.

The Current Contact's details are filled in with data collected from your internal database and/or external sources if the initial data lookup by using ANI was successful. The Identification server then creates a new record for the Contact object for every request if the server cannot find information for the contact in the internal database. The Contact Objects that are filled with customer information are then accessible in the Agent Desktop application.

The Identification server performs the following actions:

  1. Looks up contact (i.e., account) information
  2. Fills out Current Contact Object with available information from the internal database or external sources
  3. Creates a new record for the contact/account
  4. Creates a new record and stores activity associated with the contact/account
  5. Updates contact/account information during an interaction
  6. Requests data from external sources

Identification Settings

To view and edit the Identification settings, select the Identification option from the Call Center Configuration menu.

Identification settings

The settings are split into two sections, which are described as follows.

Match contact information for incoming calls by performing searches in

Use Internal Contact Database

Selecting the checkbox for Use Internal Contact Database enables callers to be identified using data from your contact center's internal contact database.

If you wish to store data in an external database instead of in your internal contact database, make sure the Use Internal Contact Database checkbox is not selected. Then click add to specify the desired external database to be searched.

Enable Service continuation for up to __ hours

Selecting the checkbox for Enable Service continuation for up to will enable services (i.e., voice, chat, etc.) to be continued for the specified amount of time.

Service continuation is the continuation of a service in the event that it has been dropped. For example, if a customer was connected to Agent A on an inbound voice service and the connection was lost, the customer could call back and be connected once again to Agent A. The customer is able to continue the service with the same agent because the system has kept a Current Contact Object (see section The Identification Process) after an interaction has ended.

If the checkbox for Enable Service continuation for up to is not selected, there will be no service continuation. The customer who calls back will be connected to any available agent.

Always create contact in Internal Database

Select the checkbox for Always create contact in Internal Database to enable contact/account records to be saved automatically in the internal database.


Click add to add an external database to be searched. Contact information for incoming calls will be matched by performing searches in the external database(s) that you have added.

Select databases to store contact records

Augmentation - search for additional contact details in external databases

Automatically launch augmentation search using current media identifier (phone number or email address)

Select the checkbox for Automatically launch augmentation search using current media identifier (phone number or email address) in order to populate your records with external data.

Bright Pattern Contact Center allows contact details to be augmented by data provided by external databases (e.g., an integrated CRM, The Data Group, or Next Caller) in order to provide additional or background information for selected contacts.

Note that data augmentation is enabled for your contact center via integration accounts. For more information, see section Integration Accounts.

The way that the augmented data is displayed and merged with existing contact information is controlled by Augmentation Forms created for your contact center. For more information, see section Augmentation.

Use contact information from identification results to perform augmentation search

Select the checkbox for Use contact information from identification results to perform augmentation search in order to use any existing contact details (i.e., name, phone number, email address, etc.) to search external databases for more information.


Click add to select the external database(s) (i.e., the integration accounts for the external databases) that will be searched for data. A pop-up dialog will list the types of integration accounts that have been configured for your contact center.

Add integration accounts for augmentation

After you have updated the Identification settings, click Apply at the bottom of the screen to save your changes or Reset to cancel.

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