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Email Service Configuration

This section outlines the recommended general order of configuring email services associated with a particular email address.

Step 1: Add or edit an email service

Plan the categorization of email interactions arriving at a particular email address, create the corresponding email services, and configure their general settings See section Services and Campaigns - Properties Tab.

Step 2: Assign teams to the email service

Assign agent teams to the selected email service. Note that each service will be created with a default service skill that can be assigned automatically to all members of the associated agent teams. See section Services and Campaigns - Assignments Tab.

Step 3: Create a standard acknowledgment message

Create the acknowledgment message that will be sent to customers automatically to confirm receipt of their email inquiries. See section Knowledge Base.

Step 4: Define service settings

Define all email-specific service settings. See section Services and Campaigns - Email Tab.

Step 5: Create Knowledge Base articles

Create articles in the Knowledge Base that will help agents process emails associated with the above services more efficiently.

Step 6: Create the header and footer

Create the mandatory messages that will be inserted automatically in the email header and footer. This text is placed above and/or below the main text of every email that is sent to a customer.

Step 7: Specify omnichannel settings for emails

Specify the number of emails that agents can have in active processing on their desktops simultaneously. See section Omnichannel Routing.

Step 8: Give agents the privilege to handle email

Make sure the agents who will process email have the privilege Handle email granted to them. See section Roles.

Step 9: Create an email scenario entry

Create an email scenario entry for the given email address and then configure its account settings, default service, and categorization/prioritization rules.

Step 10: Configure an outbound email account (optional)

If, within this service, you intend to send outbound emails that are not related to any existing cases, configure an outbound email account for this service. See section Services and Campaigns - Properties Tab and section Scenario Entries - Email.

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