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Chat Service Configuration

This section outlines the recommended general order of configuring a chat service.

The following steps suggest the order of actions that you should take when configuring a chat service for your contact center.

Step 1: Create and configure a chat service

Create a chat service, and configure its general settings. See section Services and Campaigns - Properties Tab.

Step 2: Assign teams to the service

Assign agent teams to this service. Note that the service will be created with a default service skill that can be assigned automatically to all members of the associated agent teams. See section Services and Campaigns - Assignments Tab.

Step 3: Create additional skills required for this service

Additional skills are called auxiliary skills. Add any other required agent skills for this campaign.

Step 4: Assign the additional skills to agents of the assigned teams

Assign auxiliary skills to agents as required skill levels.

Step 5: Specify service level thresholds

Set the service level threshold for the service. See section Services and Campaigns - Service Level Tab.

Step 6: Create the scenario for the service

Create the interaction processing scenario for this service.

Step 7: Update omnichannel routing settings

Specify the number of sessions that agents can handle simultaneously. See section Omnichannel Routing.

Step 8: Configure SMS access numbers

Configure an SMS access number for inbound SMS communications. See section Messaging.

Step 9: Associate scenarios

Associate a scenario with the web/mobile applications. See section Scenario Entries.

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