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Scheduled and In-Progress Tasks

The Tasks view provides a convenient way to see all automated contact center tasks that may have been scheduled for periodic execution, such as periodic report generation or automatic start and stop of outbound campaigns. The tasks whose execution has ended appear in the task log.

To view the tasks that have been scheduled for execution and the ones that are currently being executed, select the Scheduled and In-progress Tasks option from the Tasks menu. The scheduled and progress tasks will appear in the list view in the upper portion of the screen. Depending on the type of the selected task, you may be able to see and edit task information and request an immediate execution of this task.

Scheduled and In Progress Tasks List View Fields

The fields for the Scheduled and In Progress Tasks list view have the following meanings.

Start time

Start time is the date and time when the next execution of the given task is scheduled to take place.

Object Name

Object Name is the name of the object for which this task is executed. For example, for a task of the Campaign trigger type, this field shows the name of the campaign.

Task Name

Task Name is the name of the task being executed.

Number of Attempts

This value is the number of execution attempts.


State is the current state of this task, scheduled or in progress.


For the tasks that are in progress, Progress displays the overall progress of the task execution.


This is the type of task, which can be one of the following:

  • Report execution: Periodic report generation and distribution. For more information, see section Scheduled Reports.
  • Campaign trigger: Automatic start and stop of an outbound campaign. For more information, see section Outbound - General.
  • Campaign results export: Periodic export of results of an outbound campaign. For more information, see section Services and Campaigns - Results Tab.
  • Calling list import: Periodic import of a calling list. For more information, see section Lists.
  • Import exclusions by account: Periodic import of a Do Not Call list of the Record Exclusion type. For more information, see section Do Not Call Lists.


Step refers to the task step that will be executed at the time specified in Start Time. This parameter may be helpful, for example, for the tasks of the Campaign trigger type, since it shows whether the campaign will be started or stopped at the specified time.

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