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Monitor Call Block Release Highlights

We're excited to introduce the Monitor Call block, a powerful addition to our Scenario and Workflow Builders that allows quality assurance teams to remote in to random calls. Here's a rundown of the behavior changes to expect throughout the system.

Real-Time Remote Call Monitoring
With the Monitor Call block, you can now keep a close watch on calls as they happen in real-time by remotely dialing in. This empowers quality assurance teams to ensure service excellence and adherence to standards.
Integration with IVR Scenarios
The Monitor Call block seamlessly integrates into your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) scenarios, allowing for effortless implementation within your existing call flow processes.
PIN Verification for Secure Access
To access monitored calls, callers are prompted to enter a PIN for verification. This ensures secure access to sensitive call data, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of conversations.
Flexible Monitoring Options
Monitor Call offers flexibility in monitoring options. You can choose to listen in on random ongoing calls across the board or focus on specific agents by providing their extension. This tailored approach enhances efficiency and targeted oversight.
Enhanced Quality Assurance
By enabling the ability to listen in on random calls remotely, Monitor Call facilitates comprehensive quality assurance efforts. Supervisors can provide timely feedback, identify training needs, and ensure consistent service delivery standards.

Experience the power of real-time remote call monitoring with the Monitor Call block, designed to elevate your call center performance and customer experience.

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