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Version 5.3.2

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.3.2 is a minor release; please note the following.

“My Subteam Only” Checkbox in the Wallboard’s Agent Grid Widget

When upgrading to version 5.3.2, if the “My Subteams Only” checkbox in the Wallboard’s Agent Grid widget was previously checked, you may need to uncheck it in order for your widget to show data (i.e., general agent data and not data related to your subteams).

Proactive Offer Chat Widget Sizing Treatment

Please note that in release 5.3.0 the Proactive Offer chat widget sizing treatment was changed. Previously, contact buttons were placed outside of the offer area, which caused layout issues. Starting with release 5.3.0, the buttons are inside the widget. We advise all customers who used Proactive Offers before version 5.3.0 to review and adjust the sizing of the widget dialog and possibly add line breaks to separate widget content from the buttons.

Select Disposition Control for Chat

Version 5.3.2 relocates the chat disposition preselection button placement from next to the disposition name into to the selection of chat controls. The disposition selection control allows you to disposition a chat before the chat is completed; however, this disposition may be changed before the chat is completed. For more information, see the Agent Guide, section Chat Controls.

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