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Version 5.5.0

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.5.0 is a feature release.

Note: If you are upgrading to this version from a previous release, be sure to review the prior What's New documents for any versions you may have skipped past, as these documents include important information about features for each specific version.


This section contains important notices for this release.

Desktop Integration API .NET Version (ADAPI) Upgrade Notice

If your contact center uses the 5.3.x version of the Desktop Integration API .NET Version (ADAPI), note that it will not work upon upgrading to Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.5.0. You must get contact Bright Pattern Customer Success for the 5.5.x version of the ADAPI and rebuild your application.

Secure BPClient Plug-in for Agent Helper Application Update Requirement

If you plan on implementing the Secure Agent Helper Application device for your contact center, you will need to install the latest version of the BPClient plug-in. If you continue using plug-ins prior to this version of Bright Pattern Contact Center, functionality will not be affected; however, you won’t be able to select the encrypted voice communication phone device option.

Phone Device Options upon Upgrade

Upon upgrading to this release, the Service Provider application will have the Secure phone via browser audio (Web RTC) option and the Secure phone via soundcard/headset (Secure Agent Helper Application) option disabled. This means tenants will have everything enabled except these two options.

Web Browser Considerations for WebRTC

If you plan on using the Secure phone via browser audio (Web RTC) phone device option, your web browser might have certain limitations. For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section WebRTC Considerations.

Changes in System Behavior

This section describes changes in system behavior for this release.

Agent Desktop Phone Device Options Dialog

After upgrading to this version of Bright Pattern Contact Center software, the Phone Device options dialog appears after logging into the Agent Desktop application (previously, the dialog appeared before login). Note that it is still accessible to users in Settings > Phone Device.

Added/Updated Features

The following features have been added or updated for this release.

New Secure Softphone Device Options for Agent Desktop

This version of Bright Pattern Contact Center software introduces two new softphone device options: Secure phone via soundcard/headset (Secure Agent Helper Application) and Secure phone via browser audio (WebRTC). When used, these options encrypt voice communications between the Agent Desktop application and the Bright Pattern platform and can be recommended for remote/home-based connections without VPN. With these secure phone device options, communications are encrypted with AES-128.

These options can be enabled for your contact center by your service provider. Once enabled, system administrators have the ability to configure which phone devices (i.e., including existing options) will be available for agents to use in the Agent Desktop application, as well as which option is the default device for new agents.

For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Phone Devices, and Administration Tutorials, section Phone Devices.

WebRTC Allows Desktop Operation Without Plug-in

This version of Bright Pattern Contact Center software includes the secure phone device option Secure phone via browser audio (WebRTC). The WebRTC device allows encrypted, browser-based, real-time communications without the BPClient plug-in. It is supported by a number of popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so forth; however, it is not supported by Internet Explorer (IE).

Note that if you use this device without having the BPClient plug-in installed, the following functionalities will not be available to you:

  • Screen monitoring (i.e., a user can monitor others, but they cannot be monitored)
  • Screen recording
  • The GUI pop-up for inbound interactions (i.e., outside of the web browser window)
  • Client-side diagnostic logging (i.e., BPClient.log)
  • Audio notifications through all audio devices (e.g., ringing on all devices)
  • The Simplified Desktop .NET API
  • Business user presence detection (i.e., system input activity tracking)
  • The G.729 codec
  • For integrations, the CTI phone in Salesforce Classic

Using Agent Desktop with a Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook, note that several phone device options are available to you, including Secure phone via browser audio (WebRTC). Note that neither the Agent Helper Application nor the Secure Agent Helper application phone device options are available for you, as Chromebooks do not allow installation of the BPClient plug-in. For more information, see Administration Tutorials, section Using Bright Pattern Contact Center Software with a Chromebook.

Change Phone Devices Without Logging out of Agent Desktop

When agents switch phone devices after logging in to the Agent Desktop application, it is no longer necessary for them to log out and then log back in for the device to change. As soon as a new phone device option is selected and the agent clicks OK, the new device will be immediately available. For more information, see the Agent Guide, section Selecting a Phone Device.

Login Info Tab Gives Admins At-a-Glance User Login Information

The Login Info tab is added to the Contact Center Administrator application, section Users & Teams > Users. This tab allows administrators to view user login information, including last login/last logout, which type of web browser was used, phone device option, public IP address, and more; this information may be used to perform quick user diagnostics. For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Users.

Agent Login/Logout Report Now Includes User IP Address

The Agent Login/Logout report now includes the IP Address field. For more information, see the Reporting Reference Guide, section Agent Login/Logout Report.

Admin Control of Available Phone Devices for Agent Desktop Users

The Contact Center Administrator application now includes the Phone Devices section; this section is where administrators can configure the phone devices available to contact center users, as well as set the default device type for newly created agents. Note that certain phone device options may not be available in your contact center. For more information, contact your service provider and see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Phone Devices.

Known Issues

For more information about known issues for Bright Pattern Contact Center, please see Known Issues and Workarounds.

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