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Version 5.3.10

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.3.10 is a feature release that introduces our new Omni QM quality management suite. Omni QM requires a license; without the license, Bright Pattern Contact Center remains the same as in the previous version. For more information on how to turn on Omni QM, please contact Bright Pattern Customer Success.

Note: If you are upgrading to this version from a previous release, be sure to review the prior What's New documents for any versions you may have skipped past, as these documents include important information about features for each specific version.

Added/Updated Features

The following features have been added or updated for this release.

Omni QM

Bright Pattern is pleased to announce the addition of the Omni QM quality management suite to Bright Pattern Contact Center software. Omni QM is a suite of advanced quality management tools designed to facilitate the process of assessing and improving the quality of agent communications across media channels. Omni QM is a feature option that is built in to Bright Pattern Contact Center, enabled as part of your organization’s contract.

Omni QM builds upon Bright Pattern’s existing quality management functionality by introducing advanced quality management features, such as the ability to design evaluation forms, determine an evaluation process, have agents conduct self-evaluations, assign agent score, conduct calibrations for the purpose of improving the evaluation process, and much more.

In addition, Omni QM unifies quality management processes by placing all quality management features into a single application. When Omni QM is enabled, all interaction records, interaction search functions, evaluation forms, and other quality management tools are accessed via an evaluation console built into the Agent Desktop application. This means that supervisors no longer have to visit the Contact Center Administrator application to access interaction records and grade them; instead, supervisors can monitor, search, review, and evaluate their team’s interactions without ever leaving Agent Desktop. Moreover, agents can easily view their own interactions, evaluations, and quality score from Agent Desktop. Omni QM gives users a bird’s eye view of interaction quality across all channels and services.

The following summaries break down what is noticeably different in the Contact Center Administrator application and the Agent Desktop application when Omni QM is enabled.

What’s New in Contact Center Administrator with Omni QM Enabled

Users & Teams section
  • Users > Person tab lets you add new items, “Training Class” and “Supervisor in charge,” to a user’s account.
  • Users > Roles tab now includes new “Quality Evaluator” and “Quality Evaluator Admin” roles that can be assigned to the user.
  • Teams now allows you to assign “Evaluators” to a team.
  • Roles now includes new “Quality Evaluator” and “Quality Evaluator Admin” roles.
  • Privileges now includes many new Quality Management-specific privileges.
  • Training Classes, a new section, has been added to the Users & Teams section.
Services & Campaigns section
Quality Management section
Reports section

What’s New in Agent Desktop with Omni QM Enabled

Quality Management
  • Quality Management is a new section on Agent Desktop’s navigation bar that includes the following:
    • Eval Home, the starting point to help you find interactions, evaluations, and quality scorecards
    • Eval Console, the main area for reviewing and evaluating interactions
Home Page

What’s New in Documentation

The Omni QM Guide explains everything you need to know about Bright Pattern Omni QM. See the new guide for tutorials, configuration, and reference information.

Changes in System Behavior

This section describes changes in system behavior for this release.

Interaction Records when Omni QM is Enabled

When Omni QM is enabled, the Interaction Records have a different look. In addition to the playback console, Interactions Records now include new tabs: Evaluation, Details, All Evals, and Case.

These tabs let you experience the functionality of Omni QM from within the interaction record, showing you the evaluation form with questions for grading the interaction; details about the interaction, including the agent’s notes and a place for the evaluator to enter comments; a list of all evaluations for the given interaction; and case details, if a case was added for the given interaction. When Omni QM is not enabled, the playback console looks the same as it did before.

Known Issues

For information about known issues for Bright Pattern Contact Center, please see Known Issues and Workarounds.
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