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Version 5.5.1

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.5.1 is a feature release.

Note: If you are upgrading to this version from a previous release, be sure to review the prior What's New documents for any versions you may have skipped past, as these documents include important information about features for each specific version.


This section contains important notices for this release.

Desktop Integration API .NET Version (ADAPI) Upgrade Notice

Version 5.5.1 includes limited support for ADAPI versions 5.3.16 to 5.3.20. Please contact Bright Pattern Customer Success to get the 5.5.1 version, rebuild your application, and schedule its deployment to happen within a couple of weeks after upgrading to 5.5.1.

Changes in System Behavior

This section describes changes in system behavior for this release.

New Desktop Integration API .NET Version (ADAPI) Agent Login Method

The AgentPlace object now provides a single method to log in to Agent Desktop for all phone device types. The new “login()” method replaces the previous, device-specific methods (i.e., “loginOnDefaultPhone()”, “loginOnHardPhone()”, “loginOnVirtualPhone()”, and “loginNoPhone()”) and uses a new argument to specify the phone device type. For more information, see the Desktop Integration API .NET Version Tutorial, section Agent Login.

Added/Updated Features

The following features have been added or updated for this release.

Manually Reschedule Preview Campaign Calls in Salesforce Lightning

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.5.1 allows customers with (SFDC) integration accounts to manually reschedule preview campaign calls with the Agent Desktop widget from Salesforce Lightning. For more information, see the Integration Guide, section Configuring Manually Rescheduled Preview Campaign Calls in Salesforce Lightning.

Known Issues

For more information about known issues for Bright Pattern Contact Center, please see Known Issues and Workarounds.

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