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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Version 5.19.0 Release Notes

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.19.0 includes new features and improvements to Agent Desktop, Contact Center Administrator, and system management.

Changes in System Behavior

Bright Pattern Contact Center 5.19.0 includes the following system behavior changes. These changes affect system functionality and may affect business processes, actions, and flows.

  • A user assigned the supervisor role may access the personal queues for members of their team
  • Resolving a case removes it from all personal queues
  • Unsent email drafts no longer prevent a resolved case from automatically closing. When a case closes, drafts will be archived and cases removed from personal queues.

Added/Updated Features

Agent Desktop

A User Assigned the Supervisor Role May Access the Personal Queues for Members of the Team to Which the User Belongs

The supervisor role grants permission to view team members' personal queues independent of the team’s assigned supervisors.

Resolving a Case Removes It from All Personal Queues

During case resolution, an agent is notified when the case contains any draft emails other than their own. If the agent continues the resolution, the case is removed from all agent queues, and draft emails are saved in the case’s activity history.

Draft Emails Don’t Prevent a Resolved Case from Automatically Closing

Draft (saved but not sent) emails don’t prevent a resolved case from automatically closing. When a case closes, these drafts will be archived in case’s activity history and the cases will be removed from personal queues.

Case Searching Supports New Keywords: agent and last_agent

When used in a case search, the keyword agent coupled with an agent’s name returns all cases in which the agent participated. The keyword last_agent coupled with an agent’s name returns cases where the agent took part in a case’s last activity. Searches by agent name are case-insensitive.

Search for cases by multiple statuses simultaneously

The case status dropdown in Agent Desktop case search supports selecting multiple case statuses as criteria for searches. Previous versions of the case status dropdown enabled users to select a single status. The enhanced dropdown enables a user to select multiple case statuses simultaneously.

Sort Case Search Results by State, Last Service, and Disposition

The case details filter in case search includes three new sortable fields: state, last service, and disposition.

Download Email Threads as an .EML File from Agent Desktop

Activity History in Agent Desktop provides an option to download emails in EML file format. Downloaded emails retain masking.

Set Reply to All as Default Email Behavior

Agent Desktop preferences provide an agent the option to set their default email reply to behavior to Reply to All. When selected, the default reply to field of a draft email includes all recipients of the original email. For more information about enabling this setting, see Agent Desktop Preferences.

Keyword-based Email Routing Includes Attachment Filenames

Email keyword-based routing includes an option to search for specified keywords in attachment file names.

Spaces at the Beginning and End of a Contact’s Email Address Removed

The system removes spaces at the beginning and end of an email address when saving it in a contact’s details. For more information, see Email.

SMS Character Counter

A character counter tracks and displays the number of characters typed in an SMS text interaction. When the character count exceeds the maximum character count for a single message, the counter continues tracking and displaying the total number of characters typed, and displays the total number of messages required to send the entire SMS text. Enable the SMS character counter in the Call Center Configuration General Settings. For more information, see Call Center General Settings and How to send SMS Messages.

Contact Center Administrator

Clicking on a Conditional Branch of an IF Block Displays Conditions in the Edit Pane Exit labels and conditional blocks or the options to add a condition or block display in the edit pane when clicking a conditional branch of an IF block in the scenario flowchart.

Teams Integration Updated to Comply with Microsoft Licensing Requirements

Beginning in July 2022, Microsoft changed the pay model for the messaging functions of Graph API. This change affected Bright Pattern Contact Center’s (BPCC) Microsoft Teams integration. Continued production use (more than five hundred messages per month) of Teams requires a Microsoft subscription and configuring the licensing mode in the BPCC Microsoft Teams integration account.

New Password Reset Scenario Block

The new password reset scenario block simplifies the invocation of the functions for the Active Directory password module. The new scenario block works with previous versions of the Password Reset Module. However, leveraging the new, simplified password reset scenario block functionality requires upgrading to the latest Password Reset Module. To upgrade, contact Customer Care.

Configure Emails to Trigger Multiple Screenpops

Multiple Screenpop URLs can now be configured for email services. For more information, see Additional URLs on Email Tab Settings

Known Issues

There are no additional known issues in this release. For information about known issues, see Known Issues and Workarounds.

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