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Version 5.2.8

See what's new for Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.2.8.

Disposition Variable in Workflows

Starting from this release, the $(disposition) variable is added to the Workflow application. This variable allows you to take actions within a workflow based on your call center’s configured dispositions. For example, you can create conditions in the If block that allow you to send different emails to customers based on what disposition their interaction received (i.e., send one follow-up email if the disposition is "Product sold" and a different follow-up email if the disposition is "Service provided").

For more information, see the Workflow Builder Reference Guide, section Variables.

Dialable Metric for Wallboard

The Dialable metric is now available in the Wallboard application; it may be displayed in the Single Statistic widget and Service Grid widget. This metric provides the number of records within this campaign that can be dialed at this moment.

For more information, see the Wallboard Builder Reference Guide.

Recording Retrieval API Method Extensions

The Get File and Get Metadata API methods now allow you to download recording files in the original stored format (GSM) without converting them to PCM format, as well as get audio recording metadata.

To use the API methods, you need to have the “Allow recording export API access” privilege.

User Management API Extensions

The User Management API now includes two new methods for automatically exporting detailed information: Export User Phone Numbers and Export Access Numbers.

Export User Phone Numbers returns users' phone extension, login ID, first name, last name, whether voicemail is activated, and whether a voicemail greeting is present.

Export Access Numbers returns access number data, including the number, media type, extension, name of the scenario used, and display name.

For more information, see the User Management API Specification, section Export User Phone Numbers and section Export Access Numbers.

Web Screen Pop Block Enhancement

The Web Screen Pop block in the Scenario Builder application now includes the option “Keep open when interaction is finished.” When selected, this option keeps open the pop-out browser tab after an agent’s interaction with a customer has ended.

For more information, see the Scenario Builder Reference Guide.

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