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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

5.xx.xx Release Notes

Bright Pattern Contact Center (BPCC) version 5.XX.0 includes new features and enhancements for Agent Desktop, Contact Center Administrator, and Service Provider related to messenger integrations like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, and Viber.


Recommended Browsers

Bright Pattern will discontinue support and product testing for Internet Explorer 10 & 11 starting November 2022. Existing applications may work after discontinuation, but Bright Pattern will not resolve issues in these browsers.

Google Chrome 96.0 and later for Windows OS Microsoft Edge 13 and later Mozilla Firefox 94 and later Safari 15.1 and later for Mac OS X

Recommended Operating Systems

Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11 Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina) + Chrome OS (support via auto update) Ubuntu 20.04

Changes in System Behavior

This version of Bright Pattern Contact Center expands to include built-in chat and media communications for messaging apps WhatsApp and WeChat. Integration and configuration of WhatsApp and WeChat follow the existing Bright Pattern Contact Center messaging app integration model which requires configuring authentication and authorization credentials to allow Bright Pattern Contact Center to communicate using each messenger's API.

Other notable improvements to support messaging apps within Bright Pattern Contact Center include:

  • Customizable system messages for every messenger app integration configured at the integration level and scenario entry level. Administrators tailor messages for common messaging events like joining the conversation, leaving the conversation, and inactivity timeouts, e.g., "Are you still there?"
  • Sending and receiving file attachments and automatically prohibiting specific files from being received by agents or through automated interactions
  • Additional conditional logic for automating messenger interactions through scenarios like “Escape Find Agent”, "Escape Connect Chat”, and “Expect a File."

Additionally, integrated messengers implement these long-standing Bright Pattern Contact Center features:

  • Messenger chats transcribed, stored, and accessible for review
  • Calendaring allows scheduling messenger chats
  • Variables hold messenger properties like account ID and messenger type
  • Quick reply buttons make responding to questions faster for customers

Added/Updated Features

The following features, categorized by application, have been added or updated.

Agent Desktop Edit a Contact's Messenger Address Details Use the contact form to add, remove, and modify a contact's messenger address details. Agents Type to Initiate Outbound Messenger Sessions Initiate messenger chats by typing the name of an enabled messenger into the Number Input Field in the Contact Info Panel. Name and Image Automatically Pulled and Stored for Unidentified Contact When an unidentified contact connects via Telegram, LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, or WeChat, their name and avatar image automatically propagate into their contact details from the messenger channel. Icons Displayed Next to Chat Messages Denote Messenger Used An icon displayed next to a messenger chat allows identification of the messenger used in real-time and activity transcripts. Send Different Content Types via Messenger Channels Send URLs, proprietary stickers and emojis, audio attachments, video attachments, hosted file attachments, images, contact information, and location to messenger users. Support for Delivery and Read Notifications for Multiple Messengers Receive a notification when messages have been delivered and read for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. PII Data and Text Masking Feature Enhancements The PII data masking feature changed, making obscuring sensitive data and personal information easier. Schedule Messenger Chats The calendaring feature allows agents to schedule outbound messenger chat sessions. Prevent Sending Messages Which Exceed Size Limits Check outgoing message sizes against the size limit for a messenger type and notify the sender when the message exceeds the limit. Contact Center Administrator New Field, Channel Secret, Added to LINE Integration Configuring LINE integration requires a channel secret. Previously, LINE integration only required a token. This version of Bright Pattern Contact Center adds the channel secret as a configuration parameter. Communicate with Customers Via WhatsApp and WeChat Built-in support for communicating with customers over WeChat and native WhatsApp. Choose WhatsApp or WeChat as the messenger type when creating a messenger integration account. Then, set the authentication and authorization credentials, create a service or add the messengers to an existing service, and set a scenario to start communicating. Store Messenger Account ID and Messenger Type in Variables Store a contact’s messenger account ID and type in variables for scenarios and workflows. Automatically Populate the Nickname of Messenger Users for Some Messengers Configure scenarios to pull the nickname of Telegram, LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, or WeChat users. Provide the Option to Wait for an Agent in a Scenario When Agents Aren’t Available Configure scenarios to allow messenger users to wait for an available agent.

Start Business-Initiated Conversations with WhatsApp Users with Automatic Template Matching WhatsApp requires business-initiated messages like appointment reminders, issue resolutions, and payment updates sent to users formatted in approved message templates. When a message sends from Bright Pattern Contact Center to a WhatsApp user, the system compares the text to a list of approved message templates configured in the WhatsApp application. If a matching template exists, the freeform message text restructures to match it. Extend SMS and Messengers Chat Inactivity Timeouts Set longer chat inactivity timeouts for merged interactions and phone calls to the same number. Build Scenarios That Upload File Attachments in Messenger Chats Send file attachments in messenger chats via scenarios. Archive Attachments Sent in Messenger Chats Scenarios and Workflows implement an extended Fetch URL block to support enumerating and saving JSON, x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data content types, and single file uploads. Set an Escape Phrase to End a Chat or Messenger Session Terminate Find Agent and Connect Chat blocks by entering a defined escape phrase. Cancel a Scenario-driven Messenger Chat Use the Escape Find Agent or Escape Connect Chat block to break out of a scenario loop. Configure Scenarios to Wait for File Attachments Combine “Wait for response” and “Expect a file” options to extend the timeout period for file upload scenarios. SMS API Supports Messaging to Messenger Accounts Send and receive messages to and from messenger accounts using the SMS API. Block Suspicious Files and Automatically Send an Error Response to the Sender Accept or reject file types sent via chat. Automatically respond to senders of prohibited files with a customizable error message. Send Quick Reply Buttons Over Messenger Chats The quick reply button feature has been extended to messenger chats, making it easier and faster for customers to respond to questions while allowing a contact center to direct the conversation flow by limiting answers and standardizing options. Configure System Chat Events at Multiple Levels Set texts for inactivity warnings, inactivity timeout messages, chat-ended messages, party-joined messages, party-left messages, and chat invitations at the messenger account integration and the scenario entry levels. Messenger Chats Captured and Stored as Transcripts Bright Pattern Contact Center's transcript feature now includes transcribing messenger chats. Automatically create transcripts of messenger chat sessions, associate them with a case and contact, and review transcripts when a messenger chat session ends. System Management Control Messengers Integrations Enable or restrict messenger integrations per tenant.

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