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Half Maintenance Version 5.22.x Release Notes

This release includes case-sensitive title search functionality for knowledge base articles, a heightened threshold for the maximum count of items visible within the Real-Time Metrics view, modified reports reflecting reported email handling durations, and the addition of an option to reduce email service timeouts to under sixty minutes.

System Behavior Changes


Added/Updated Features

Search knowledge base articles by title only

A new checkbox added to the knowledge base search bar allows you to search the knowledge base for articles by title only. Searching is case-sensitive, and only articles whose titles contain the searched string will be returned in the search results when the checkbox is checked.

View more than 200 items in a Real Time Metrics view

We've increased the number of items that can be shown in a Real Time Metrics view. If the number of items shown exceeds two hundred, the refresh rate for all metrics in the view is automatically set to sixty seconds.

Two historical metrics were added to track email handling times: Total Handle Time and Average Handle Time

The Total Handle Time and Average Handle Time metrics are now available in the Email Service report and in the Calabrio and Verint WFM reports.

New option to specify email service timeouts in minutes

We've added the ability to specify email service timeouts in minutes for users who need to specify timeouts shorter than an hour. This change applies to the Personal routing timeout, Return emails to general queue after, and Service Level Target > Within threshold parameters. The capability to specify email service timeouts in hours and/or days is still available.


This section contains essential notices for this release.

Recommended Browsers

  • Google Chrome 96.0 and later for Windows OS 
  • Microsoft Edge 13 and later 
  • Mozilla Firefox 94 and later 
  • Safari 15.1 and later for Mac OS X

Recommended Operating Systems

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11 
  • Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina) + Chrome OS (support via auto update) 
  • Ubuntu 20.04 

Known Issues

Known Issues and Workarounds

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