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Version XXXX Release Notes

The latest Bright Pattern mobile app (version 1.7) gives mobile users more flexibility to handle customer interactions and complete tasks from their mobile devices, just like they would on Agent Desktop.

System Behavior Changes

Improved Prominence of Chat Notifications on iOS

Notifications about incoming chat interactions on iOS will be paired with 30 seconds of an audio tone and 2 seconds of device vibration.

Added/Updated Features

Native Mobile Phone Support

When Allow use of native mobile phone for audio in mobile apps is enabled, mobile users will be able to set up the mobile app to use the device's native phone for voice instead of VOIP. This allows the mobile app to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls over the voice mobile network instead of the mobile data network. Although an internet connection is still required for most functions (for details see the Mobile App Guide), this can be useful to set up for conditions where a poor data connection is anticipated.

Added Mobile User Role

SSO and IP restrictions are security features that prevent a user from logging in with direct forms of authentication, such as their username and password. This behavior would prevent mobile users from logging in. The 'Mobile User' role was added with the privileges Bypass_Single_Sign-On and Privileged Access IP Range enabled to fix this problem.

Scheduled and Inactivity Logouts

When a user is inactive for more than defined by Logout if inactive for [hours] time, they can now be logged out due to inactivity. The Logout daily at [time] setting allows for setting when users should be logged out, such as at the end of the work day in their timezone. Scheduled/Inactivity Logout features can be applied to both mobile and desktop users independently.

Added Forced Logout Notifications

There are a number of situations where mobile users may be logged out by the supervisor or the system, including, for example, system maintenance and the above-mentioned scheduled/inactivity timeouts. Mobile users are likely to be unaware of this for a long time because, under normal circumstances, mobile users are never logged out. This can cause them to miss important incoming calls or chats. When a user is logged out for any reason (other than logging out manually from within the app), a message will be displayed in the mobile app containing the reason for being logged out.

Improved Handling of Native Mobile Phone Calls

On both Android and iOS, the handling of native mobile phone calls during a Bright Pattern VOIP call and the handling of a Bright Pattern VOIP call during a native mobile phone call has been improved.

Added Support for Modifying Contacts

Users with the 'Edit contacts' and 'Delete contacts' privileges will also be able to utilize these in-app.

Added Preview Campaign Support

Support for preview campaigns has been added. Mobile users will be notified of the contact name or the campaign name, with the ability to accept, reject, or skip this preview record. If an activity form is configured for a campaign, mobile users will be able to view and edit this when they process the campaign call.

Added Support for Modifying Favorites

Mobile users can now add contacts to favorites from their mobile app as well as Agent Desktop. Any changes made to favorites are synced between these interfaces.

Improved Insights with Latency Monitoring

High latency can cause issues such as receiving an incoming call notification but being unable to connect to the call. This latency monitoring feature will advise the user via the mobile app when latency exceeds the configurable threshold to warn users of potential problems.

Improved Insights with Voice Quality Monitoring

Unstable network conditions can cause a decrease in speech quality during a call. This voice quality monitoring feature will display a message in the mobile app when jitter or packet loss exceeds the configurable threshold to warn users of potential problems. If you have configured native mobile phone settings, the alert will also suggest that you 'Consider using your mobile phone audio for subsequent calls within this app'.

Added Business User State Support

This update allows business users to set their state to indicate to others their current availability. This does not affect or restrict any mobile users' ability to contact the business user.

Added Hunt Group Support

A hunt group allows one phone call to ring a list of users simultaneously. With this release, a mobile user in a hunt group will be able to see the name of the hunt group in the call alerts. Mobile users will also be able to see hunt groups in the directory with their real-time status.

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